body building eqiupment,Olympic 3D Power Rack-PT-727

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Hankang Fitenss

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1 pc

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Product Description

Key Features:

1)    Patented technology provides simultaneous bar movement both vertically and horizontally

2)    Unique design provides the safety of a Smith Machine with the exercise diversity of a Power Rack

3)    Multiple bar rack safety catches offer forward, rear and lower racking for enhanced safety

4)    Custom rotating 66 lb (30 kg) Olympic bar

5)    Intuitive user placards featuring 20 detailed exercise explanations are conveniently located within the unit

6)    Walk-through front design allows for the use of multiple benches

7)    Complete Olympic plate storage

8)    Integrated multi-grip pull up station

9)    800lbs (360 kg) max load capacity

10) Rubber feet for floor protection

11) Weight plates sold separately

12) Workout Type:Upper Body, Lower Body, Total Body

Technical Specs

Dimensions ( L x W x H ): 1760mm x 2110mm x 2410mm

Machine Weight: 360kg

Max. Load: 300kg

Recommended For

  1. This machine is available for all the New Trainers by standing in the middle of machine to get the barbell directly.


  1. The Mould Stronger Hooks to keep the trainers for easy adjustable while the trainers need to be change the height.

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