Professional Realryder Spinning BikeHT-2012)

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Hankang Fitness

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1 pc

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Product Description

This BEST Commercial Swing Bike HT-2012combinesour Advanced Swing Technology™ with the aerobic benefits of cycling, to create theultimate training tool for serious cyclists and those looking for acceleratedconditioning.

The uniquepatent-pending pedal and crank system produces mechanical vibrations with everyrevolution, generating more muscle activity per stroke to the legs and glutes.

Yourstrength and power will improve, your endurance will increase, and your timeswill decrease. It doesn't get any better than this.

Key Features:

1) Universal saddle mount and can be adjustable for all the exercisers

2) Moulded toe cage pedals to keep all the exercisers more confortable

3) Long-travel vertical quick adjustment with twist lock on saddle and handlebar

4) Imported Chain Driven System to keep the bike more durable and stability

5) Protective flywheel safety cover








Product Specification:

Dimensions( L x W x H ): 140cm x 80cm x110cm 

Max. handlebar height: 125cm

Max. saddle height: 120cm

Flywheel weight: 25kg

Unit Weight: 120kg

Max. rider weight: 230kg

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