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HanKang Fitness

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1 pc

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Product Description

Our factory can following all the clients speciallyrequirement to produce the complete fitness accessories fromDumbbbells,WeightPlate,Olympic Bar,Gymnasium Ball,Yoga Mat and Boxing Accessories etc.

1) Ideal for self-myofascial release and massage therapy, this Everfit foam roller is able to give you the full massage routine, just like a massage therapist. The one piece roller is made of medium density EPE material with a soft, non-slip surface. It is constructed with a strong core, hence it will not collaps or distort even after repetitive use.

2) The method is to use body weight to apply pressure to the desired area while sitting or lying on the foam and rolling your muscles along it. This enables you to perform a self massage, breaking up trigger points and knots relieving muscles that would usually become sore after an intense workout.

3) Not only ideal for self-myofascial release and massage therapy, this foam roller is also perfect for balance & stretching training, yoga, physical therapy and other sports training applications.

4) Product Dimension ( LxWxD): 15 x 30cm(Round); 15 x 30cm(Half Round);

                                 15 x 90cm(Round); 15 x 90cm(Half Round)

5) Product Weight: 3kg(15 x 30cm-Round);1.5kg(15 x 30cm-Half Round)

                 9kg(15 x 90cm-Round); 4.5kg(15 x 90cm-Half Round)

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