body building,NEW Commercial Vinyl Dumbbell Rack (55 Pairs)(HR-007)

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HanKang Fitness

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1 pc

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Product Description

Our factory can following all the clients speciallyrequirement to produce the complete fitness 

accessories from Dumbbbells,WeightPlate,Olympic Bar,Gymnasium Ball,Yoga Mat and Boxing Accessories etc.


1) For storing 55 pairs vinyl dipping dumbbells( 8pr/1kg + 6pr/2kg + 11pr/3kg + 9pr/8kg +                8pr/9kg + 13pr/10kg )

2) Tube size 40x80 for main-frame(thickness 3.00mm),black or silver painting on tube.

3) With the wheel for easy move.

4) Dimension ( LxWxH): 105x80x160cm

5) Machine Weight : 60 kg

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