fitness equipment,gym and gym equipment,hammer strength,Biceps Machine(HP-3004)

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HanKang Fitness

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US $ 780 / pc

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1 pc

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Product Description

Key Features:

1) Lever arm is counterbalanced for lower starting resistance.

2) Strategically tapered elbow pads improve durability without compromising comfort.

3) Self-aligning handle bar accommodates a wide variety of gripping positions.

4) Variable resistance cam accurately reflects biceps' strength curve.

5) Weight of arm assembly is counterbalanced to minimize initial starting resistance level.

6) Five-position seat pad with custom-fitted sleeve inserts for stable, low friction adjustments.


Warranty Information:

1) Three years - Frames, welded moving parts and weight stacks.

2) Two years - For any moving part or parts under normal use.

3) One year - Labor warranty.

4) Six months - Upholstery, pads, grips, and tethered weight stack pins.



Machine Weight: 258kg

Weight Stack: 70kg ( Standard )  ; 90kg ( Optional )

Dimension( L x W x H ): 105cm x 123cm x 160cm

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