The NEXT GENERATION Of Strength Machine Protraining Equipment™ PT Range


Shanghai Hankang Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd. has been building strength equipment for over 10 years. We are continually improve our products based on the application of continuous research in the field of biomechanics. By the right of longtime experiences and specialized idea. We would like to recommend our factory LATEST Top Range Strength Machines which is Protraining Equipment™ PT Range with three ranges of PT700,PT 800 and PT900 Series, It was designed to provide an effective and rewarding user experience. The body position is set to enable efficient, smooth, and natural exercise movements which minimize the potential for injury. Performance, ergonomics and functionality join a robust and stylish design to give your facility the equal balance of function and flair. The PT Range was designed to be intuitive and easy to use for beginners, while offering advanced features that appeal to experienced exercisers.

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