protraining strength.COMMERCIAL POWER RACK-PT-847

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HanKang Fitness

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Product Description


1)     This machine allows the users to perform the most demanding strength-training exercise in complete safety, squats in particular, using a special bench ( such as the FREE BENCH ), as well as stretches for both the chest and shoulders.

2)     The racks for the barbell are height adjustable on a comfortable handgrip; the steel safety catches can be positioned according to the degree of bending of the legs the user intends to achieve.

3)     The handgrips at the top allow the user to stretch the spinal column at the end of a series of squats or to perform tractions with a tight grip.

4)     The special lateral weight-bearing rods allow for the necessary quantity of weight plates to be at hand at all times.



1) The NEXT GENERATION OfStrength MachineProtraining EquipmentPT800 Series is our flagship Commercial Strength training line.

2) This is an extensive series offering 59 heavy duty models, catering for all strength training exercises.

3) User friendly design, advanced biomechanics, clean lines, unprecedented functionality and smooth, fluid movement.

4) Every piece features a contemporary look and colour scheme, and combines the best features with superior design and reliable performance.

5) This series is the best choice for full Commercial applications where long lasting, reliable, functional strength equipment is a must.



1) Structural Steel Framework                                                                        Life time

2) Rotary Bearings, Weight Stacks, Pulleys, Guide Rods, Structural Moving Parts     2 years

3) Cable, Linear Bearings, Springs Upholstery, Handgrips                                      1 year

4) Items Not Listed                                                                                        6 months

Machine Size ( L x W x H ): 220 x 150 x 240cm

Machine Weight:          180kg


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